Complete After-sales Service

We owns a comprehensive logistics and after-sales service with aluminum ingots production tracking, on-site inspection or third party inspection, logistics service, ships booking, and customer feedback tracking. We will make every effort to provide more convenient and faster service for all customers.

Various Industry Certifications

We achieved aluminum ingots manufacturing qualification certificate, pressure vessel license, and passed the IS090001, IS014001, OHSAS18001 management system certification. Now it is an outstanding aluminum ingots suppliers.

20-years Aluminum Ingots Processing Experience

We has more than 50,000 tons stock goods and has strong aluminum ingots manufacturing and processing capacity. Provide aluminum ingots deep processing services such as: cutting, drilling, turning, welding, and heat treatment.

Well-equipped Producing and Testing Machine

Our company owns 3 flame cutting machines, 2 plasma cutting machines, 1 magnetic particle inspection machine, 1 X-ray inspection machine; 42 sets of processing lathe: radial drilling machine, floor boring machine, CNC milling machine and drilling and milling machine.